China - promissing market of Vietnam pangasius in 2016 ?

In Jan 2016, Vietnam pangasius exports to China continued the positive growth. In 2015, Vietnam’s pangasius exports to the market reported the continuous increase though pangasius production, consumption and exports by Vietnam in the year faced many challenges.
In Jan 2016, China was the 3rd largest importer of Vietnam pangasius with over US$17 million, up 33.2% year on year, accounting for 11.5% of the total pangasius exports by Vietnam (after the U.S. and the EU).
According to statistics of the International Trade Center (ITC) based on the figures of Chinese Customs, in the first 10 months of 2015, imports of whitefish products into China were relatively stable, in which, frozen Alaska Pollock imports hit the highest proportion of 40-65%; followed by frozen Cod with 25-43%, frozen Haddock with 6-7%, pangasius and catfish with 1.5 - 4%. Despite a remarkable increase in pangasius exports to China in 2015, China’s demand for Vietnam pangasius are still high.
In 2015, Russia was the largest supplier of whitefish to China and occupied 60-70% of total imports, in which Vietnam ranked the 4th (behind China, the U.S. and Norway). Last year, China continued to import frozen Cod, frozen Alaska Pollock, frozen Haddock, frozen Hake from Russia.
In the Chinese market, Vietnam pangasius made up a small proportion compared with some whitefish products from Russia. China’s demand for whitefish products, including pangasius is expected to continue the increase in 2016. Vietnam pangasius exporters still have many opportunities to export pangasius to the market. Despite exposing many risks, this is considered a promising market of Vietnam pangasius.
Besides, drop in exports to some major markets as the U.S., the EU and increase in exports to China in 2015 was a good diversion. However, keeping the quality of products for export should be the first priority to overcome difficulties and develop sustainably in Vietnamese companies.
In 2015, amid a drop in exports to some major markets as the U.S., the EU, Vietnam pangasius exporters shifted to China. Vietnam pangasius enterprises always give priority to ensure the quality of their products for export to overcome difficulties and develop sustainably.


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