Lot No.: 2.14 Tra Noc Industrial park 2, Can Tho City, Viet Nam
Taxpayer identification number: 1800594178
Enterprise phone: Lot No.: 2.

About enterprise

SOUTH VINA is the private limited company founded in 2005 in accordance with the general trend business of oriented market economy.

  •     Although the company has recently been founded, our permanent guideline is trust, prestige and quality above.
  •     To effectuate the above guideline, the company has invested equipment, modern machinery system, closed automatic production line, high-tech processing, which ensures food safety and hygiene.
  •     The company was constructed on the area of 13.000 m2. The location is favorable for both land and water transportation. It is absolutely isolated from residential area and has a sewage system which meets national standards of environment.
  •     Located on Hau river bank, it is provided with profuse and diversified materials.
  •     The company has a staff of over 1,200 workers with professional skills and high technique. The managing quality system meets international standards.

Products: Our main products are pangasius hypophthalmus and pangasius bocourti fillet with high quality products to meet consumer demands.Production capacity: 15.000 tons/year
Consumption markets: America, Europe, China, Middle East, Hong Kong, Russia, Africa and other regions and territories in the world.
Brand Names: Packing with customer's brand name.
Certifications: Our certificates: HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001:2000, BRC, EU CODE: DL 14


Many cooperation contracts signed between Vietnam and US businesses 2016-05-16 06:17:56
In the framework of the special summit of ASEAN -United States, participated by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in the United States, the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) and Vietnam enterprises signed a cooperation and investment agreements with partners in the United States.  Accordingly, the BIDV has signed cooperation agreements promoting business activities in life insurance in Vietnam with...
Aquatex Ben Tre earned nearly VND 17 billion in Q2 2016-05-16 06:25:37
According to the company's financial report in Q2/2015, net sales valued VND 114 billion.  Profit after-tax of Aquatex Ben Tre reached VND 16.6 billion. source : (
Vinh Hoan corp successfully produces refinded fish oil 2016-05-16 06:20:18
Vinh Hoan Corp has taken a big jump optimizing byproducts from pangasius. After collagen and gelatin from fish skin, the company introduced refined fish oil to the market from June 2015. Production chain and manufacturing processes secure food standards and technical standards in refined fish oil. It is noted that stearin is separated. Without stearin, fish oil would be liquid and do...

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