Lot 2.12 Tra Noc II Industrial Zone, O Mon District Can Tho City, Vietnam
Taxpayer identification number: 1800632306
Enterprise phone: 847103744619 Fax: +84 710 3 841116

About enterprise

Company name: Cantho Import-Export Seafood Joint Stock Company
Business name: CASEAMEX
EU Code : DL 369 - DL 325

Cantho Import-Export Seafood JSC. (CASEAMEX) is formerly the Cantho Process and Export Factory owned by Cantho Import-Export Animal Husbandry Company (CATACO). From July 01, 2006, according to the Vietnam government’s policy (decree 187 and resolution 155) of enterprise renovation to equitize State companies into joint stock companies.  From July 1st, 2006, CASEAMEX operated its own business as a joint stock enterprise as a result of the appreciation of the Vietnam’s government’s policy of enterprise renovation.  According to this policy, the Government force the State companies to equitize into joint stock companies to uprade their capacity in capital, revenue, and profit. The main business of the company lines up with growing, processing, and exporting frozen aquatic products.  Up to the present, via direct sales and modern trade distribution channels, the company reinforces its position in gaining recognition in domestic market and winning more shares in exporting processed products to international markets.  Located in the region’s biggest industrial zone by the Mekong Delta (Tra Noc Industrial Zone, Can Tho city), CASEAMEX defines its foremost task as to bring the Mekong Delta water food to consumers in different markets.

    Our main products are frozen Pangasius Hypophthalmus (Tra fish) and Basa Bocourti (Basa fish), black tiger shrimps, fresh water shrimps (in types of HOSO/HLSO, PD, PTO, and PUD), skewers, along with other aquatic products such as frog legs, octopus, ink and other kinds of salt-water fish. Being ranked in the top ten Vietnamese enterprises exporting Basa fish and Tra fish, we are confident to satisfy strict demands of hygiene and safety of Inspection Authority, distributors, and consumers’ taste in different markets.

    Thanks to advantagous merit, interlacing river system, of the Mekong river, we have built up over 30 ha fish plants to guarantee roughly 80% of the total input sources for our process. At the present, Caseamex has initiatively established a closed processing system by investing more into infrastructural base, namely hatchery and aquatic services centre (the Aquatic Plant and Food Ltd., AMIGO). Besides, in order to diversify our products, satisfy different quantitative and qualitative demands of both domestic and international customers, we have invested in more equipment appliances modern manufacturing and management technologies.  The effort has been seen as a means towards better productivity.  In fact, the recent report from the company shows a year-to-date capacity record of above-25,000 tons of products per year.

    We periodically update the regulations and standards of all import markets, which verifies the quality control system according to international standards BRC, HALAL, GMP, SSOP, HACCP, ISO9001-2000 and SQF 2000, .  At the same time, the company is applying  SQF 1000 programme for raising raw material area supplied for CASEAMEX.

    The products of CASEAMEX have been already successfully exported to many markets around the world. Beside regional market in EU, ASIA, and Middle Eastern countries, we also guarantee constant supply to our focused customers in countries like Canada, Russia, Australia and others.


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Lot 2.12 Tra Noc II Industrial Zone, O Mon District
Can Tho City, Vietnam.
Phone : +84 710 3 744619 - 3 841989 - 3 842344
Fax : +84 710 3 841116 - 3 842341

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