Regulations Rules


Chapter I

  • Pursuant to the Decree No. 57/2006/ND-CP of June 9th 2006 issued by the Government on electronic commerce;

  • Pursuant to the Circular No. 46/2010/TT-BCT dated on December 31st 2010 issued by Ministry of Trade and Industry: Regulations on operation and management of e-commerce websites that aim at selling goods or providing services;

  • Pursuant to the Charter of Vietnam Pangasius Association.

Chapter II

Article 1. Scope and objects of regulations:

  1. This Regulation shall provide for the organization and management of maintenance activities relating to e-commerce website for Vietnamese pangasius (hereby called the Website) on the Internet including as follows: management and operation; provide and update information, databases; edit information, database and respond to users.

  2. This Regulation applies to agencies and individuals which are belonging to the board and members of the Website.

Article 2: Functions, name and address of the Website

  1. Functions:

  1. Website is the place to introduce Vietnam Pangasius enterprises and their products.

  2. It is the place where information on demand and supply for pangasius-fish products are informed.

  3. It is the place where information or policies are informed to members or users.

  1. Name: E-commerce Website for Vietnamese pangasius.

  2. Address:

  3. Email of the Website’s Board of Administration:

Article 3. Functions and duties of the Website administrators

  • The administrators must be responsible about all activities relating to operations of the website and content and technique as well. Ensure that the Website contents is updated timely, accurately and meet the needs of users.

Chapter III

Article 4. Organizational structure of the Website Administrators:

  • A person who is responsible for sales and information contents

  • A person who is responsible for technique and administration

  • Sales and marketing freelancers

Article 5. Specific duties of members relating to administration of the Website
1. People who are responsible for sales and information contents

  • Responsible for editing contents of information. Assess, approve for the contents of incoming information before posting on the Website.

  • Responsible for the work relating to recruitment/assignment freelancers to post information on the Website.

  • Responsible for Website’s operation .

2. People who are responsible for technical matters and system administration of the Website:

  • Responsible for recruiting collaborators/and decentralize/receive information from freelancers via emails.

  • It should be absolutely confidential for the password and responsible for the content of information posted on the Website with the censored contents.

  • Responsible for data-backup/implementation of technical options to ensure that the trade contents for participants are legal under the terms of services as it is provided to members.

  • Make reports and recommendations measures to handle the problem when it happens (if any).

  • Research and suggest for the future orientations and measures to develop the Website in an appropriate way towards technological development that is compatible to e-commerce trend.

6. Sales and marketing freelancers:

  • Responsible for deploying promotion activities relating to brand development of their respective units on the Website decentralization.

  • Write news and articles to inform latest information on the Website.

Chapter IV


Article 6.  Supply and responsible for information contents

  • The members are assigned tasks to access/approve information and data that has been approved, depending on the functions that have been decentralized and be responsible for providing information contents based on the basis of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually; and at the same time, be responsible for the contents of information that is promptly provided, supplemented, or modified timely all of the information that is posted on the Website for customers participating in the Website.

  • Website is only used for the purpose of promoting industry, pangasius enterprises and products. The provision of information violate the regulations on intellectual property, the e-commerce transactions and other provisions of relevant laws is strictly prohibited.

Article 7. Form and process of providing and updating data.

  • Individuals/freelancers/clients that have news or articles that need to post on the Website must send documents to the information department and technical department that are in charge of posting information on the Website.

  • Individuals who belonged to members and participate in work of operation and administration of the Website  must use the email system of Vietnam Pangasius Association, and they are now allowed to use the mail box for individual transactions and other activities which are involving to trade information of customers who are participating in the Website.

  • In case that the information is not posted, the secretary is responsible for responding to individuals and units that provide news and articles via email or phone and state the reasons why the news or articles are not posted on the Website to the Head of Information and Technical Department.

Chapter V


Article 8. Modes of operation

  • Annually, the Website’s administrator will be responsible for approving the operational plan of the Website.

  • The Website’s administrator is responsible for regularly organizing the meeting of the Website’s members who are responsible for implementing the operations of the Website. Normally, the meeting should be held at least 1 time per month. In case of necessity, the Head of Administration Department of the Website is responsible for convening extraordinary meeting of the Website’s members.

Article 9. Budget/Fund

  • Funds for the operation of the Website will be formally accounted and allocated to funds for activities of Vietnam Pansagius Association.

  • Operating budget will be prescribed and it will follow the regulations of Vietnam Pangasius Association.  

Article 10. Remuneration policies

  1. The posts that are published officially on the Website which are relating to specialized working plans, notices, reports, legal documents and regulations which belong to the duty of officials who are currently responsible for the posts of information will not be paid.

  2. Regulations of remuneration:

  1. Subjects to be paid: individuals who are officially related to daily activities of the Website.

  2. Remuneration policies

  • Persons who are responsible for doing the tasks assigned will be  the official staff from Vietnam Pangasius Association and they will be paid based on the employment contract with Vietnam Pangasius Association and they will be formally rewarded according to the results of operations and business outcomes of the Website.

  • Freelancers who are entitled to be paid and rewarded based on the profits of the business plan that are created by them for the Website. In case that the income of collaborators exceeds the income that must be paid for personal income tax as it is regulated by current laws. Individual tax-payers must pay tax under existing regulations and laws. Vietnam Pangasius Association will be responsible for collecting the tax/tax returns and issuing receipts for the person who have to pay for personal income tax.


Chapter VI


Article 15. Reward

  • Pursuant to the tasks that are assigned, the Director of Administration Department will consider and recommend the Website’s Standing Committee reward directly or suggest the superior to reward for individuals and groups who have made outstanding achievements in performing their duties.

Article 16. Punishment

  • For the individuals,  and groups violating the articles in this Regulation, the Director of Administration Department of the Website will seriously consider and recommend relevant action of punishments according to the regulations of Vietnam Pangasius Association and under the current laws.

Chapter VIII


Article 17. Effectiveness

  • This Regulation shall take effect from the date of signing and expires when there is a decision substituting for this Regulation.

Article 18. Responsibility for implementation

  1. All members of the Website’s Administration Board, or individuals who are assigned/recruited to do their duties must be responsible for the implementation of the Website as it is said in this Regulation.

  2. In the course of implementation, if there are any problems, the Director will be responsible for directing and looking for relevant solutions, supplementing and modifying to suit the actual situations.


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