Pangasius whole round

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About enterprise
ALO SEAFOOD brand name was highly appreciated as one of the great robust & reliability supplier in seafood field, dealing with variety range of species from Vietnam.

Product detail

Product name Pangasius whole round
Size Size (gr/pc): 300-500, 500-800 and 800-up
Description Latin name: Pangasius hypopthalmus

Product similar

CL-Fish Corporation
  • Net weight: 90 %
  • Glazing: 10%
  • Packing: IQF 1kg/PE bag + header card, 10 kgs/master Carton with straps
  • Size: 300/500; 400/625; 625/800 gr/fish
  • Quantity: 20' FCL about 1,100 ctns; 40' FCL about 2,200 ctns (+/-10%)

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